McKinley Park is bounded by the Stevenson Expressway to the North, by the Chicago River to the East, W. Pershing Rd. to the South, and the railroad track to the West.

McKinley Park

Neighborhood Results
Barriers to Accessing Support
Community members living in McKinley Park reported depression and anxiety equally as their most common issue, followed by trauma and anger control. Over half of respondents (65%) reported depression as an issue while acculturation stress and anxiety (43 and41%) as the second and third issues of concern.

Issues Reported by Respondents in McKinley Park by Gender

Issues Respondents in McKinley Park Reported by Place of Birth

Willingness to Seek Professional Support

87% of respondents from McKinley Park felt more willing to seek professional support if they listed at least one concern on the survey.

90% of women in McKinley Park felt more likely to seek professional support to address their concerns, compared to 80% of men.

89% of the immigrant population in McKinley Park felt likely seek professional support to address their concerns, compared to 80% of the population that was born in the U.S. living in McKinley Park.

87% of respondents in McKinley Park felt more likely to seek professional support, compared to 60% of respondents who did not list a concern.

Barriers to Accessing Support

The top barrier (63%) to accessing services to address 

community members' prominent issues is the cost of services. This is followed second closely by not knowing where to go (61%), and third by lack of insurance (48%).

65% of women in McKinley Park felt cost of services is their top barrier to accessing support, compared to men who followed closely behind with 59%.

69% of the immigrant population in McKinley Park felt like not knowing where to go is their top barrier, compared to 38% of men.