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Current Research Initiatives

Examining Barriers to Mental Health Service Accessibility in Chicago’s Privatized Network of Trauma-Informed Centers of Care


Although the Lightfoot administration promoted the TICC network as offering “no-barrier access to mental health services…across all 77 Chicago community areas,” findings from the current study make it strikingly apparent that Chicago’s privatized mental health service landscape is far from facilitating no-barrier access. The vast majority of Chicago’s population does not have access to barrier-free mental health services through a privatized provider. Instead, access barriers including challenging phone systems, lengthy wait times for services, documentation status, insurance status, service cost, and requirements among FQHCs stating that an individual must have a primary care doctor at the location in order to receive mental health services persist more than three years after the TICC network was implemented. Such findings indicate that investing solely in privatized providers is not sufficient to ensure that all Chicagoans can access mental health support in their moment of need. Instead, it is critical that the City invest in a safety net of public mental health centers that offer free, time-unlimited mental health services to all individuals at the moment that they are seeking services, regardless of immigration status, insurance status, and socioeconomic background.

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Mental Health Crisis Support in Chicago: Findings from a City-Wide Survey

To help ensure that community perspectives inform future recommendations for the expansion of Chicago’s mental health crisis response system, the CCW surveyed community residents across the city of Chicago to learn more about their vision for addressing emergent mental health needs. Highlighted below is an overview of our study methodology, key findings, and recommendations for implementing a mental health crisis response system that promotes long-term emotional well-being.

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