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Everyone should have access to




mental health care when they need it-


let’s make it happen.

In the city of Chicago, Chicago police officers are the primary responders to mental health crises.


Police should not

be involved in mental health care.


The risk of being killed by police is

16 times greater for people with untreated mental illness than for other residents.

Every Chicagoan should have access to mental health care.

78.6% of the city lives in areas with less than 0.2 therapists per 1000 residents, while 21.4% live in areas with only 4.3 therapists per 1000.

We need public infrastructure.


17% of private, city-funded mental health centers did not serve undocumented residents, and 25% did not serve people without insurance. Less than half offered free services.

So, how do we want the City of Chicago to respond if: 

experiences a mental health emergency or are seeking resources?

  • you,

  • your neighbor,

  • a loved one

We need Treatment, not Trauma.


Why Treatment not Trauma?

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Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

who is Treatment not Trauma for?

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